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70’s are back and hopefully for good!

The inspired pieces by the ’70s are so minimal but at the same time so expressionist and with so much colour and laugh.
Is not new at all this trend that it’s all over Instagram since the beginning of 2020. But it’s still on fire and hopefully is going to stay on top for many, many years because this is just “WOW”.
It’s a basket full of emotions and memories that put our house in some new dimension.
And let’s talk about the never ending options that we have to make our house the new hit?
We have since the iconic chair with the metal leg, the iconic colourful lamps, neons, puffy couch’s, colourful puffs etc… and the great news is that you can find these new pieces almost everywhere.

And how can you make your place your own with these new pieces that you love? It’s easy! You don’t have to put your house feeling like it’s stuck in the 70’s for good with the pleated walls and stuffed ducks everywhere  you can always add your taste to your new choices!
If your style is minimal classicist don’t think for a second that you’re obligated to use white and beige! We want color and fun mixed with simple lines and soft textures. You can buy a orange neon lamp and put it aside your beautiful and puffy white couch.
Like everything else, balance is the key, and the key, for now, is Rolling Stones and cloudy mirrors.

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