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Oliver Peoples – California as we see it

The book Oliver Peoples begins with a chance discovery of vintage frames at an estate sale in the late 1980s, Oliver Peoples was launched as an optical boutique on the iconic Sunset Boulevard. With a culturally distinctive and understated approach to luxury, the brand is rooted in the spirit of California with a global following of tastemakers and eyewear enthusiasts. The unique lifestyle of Los Angeles, with elements of film, art, architecture, music, and fashion, remains at the core of Oliver Peoples inspiration. This book invites every reader on a visual journey, sharing an intimate experience of California through the lens of the brand’s history.

The design is reinterpreted with a larger shape and features Oliver Peoples new Palm Springs filigree detailing. The Palm Springs filigree detailing is inspired by the geometric midcentury architecture of the Palm Springs, a key theme of the book.
The Assouline frame offers versatility, with three clip-on lens options in mustard, blue, and green. Fusing the characteristics that make each of the brands unique, we’ve created a frame for the intellectual.

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