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Hong Kong Heritage, Art & Dreams

For the category of Design Books, this week we bring to you the “Hong Kong Heritage, Art & Dreams”. As you may know, Hong Kong is a city with a buzz-hard-working and efficient, but also with moments of grace that offer glimpses of its complex culture as one of the world’s great financial centers.

This book of Hong Kong, by Hong Kongers and featuring original photography of its quintessential landmarks, streets and inhabitants, and anecdotes from longstanding residents. It reflects how the city is many things to many people; a city of contrasts and diversity that, in recent years, is transforming into a pre-eminent cultural destination.
Here you can see the city from knife sharpeners and tailors to the traditional foods that make the city a culinary point of reference, designers, architects, and artists to those recognized throughout the world.

Presented in partnership with the Rosewood Hotel Group, this book invites all the readers to lose themselves in the city’s winding alleyways and colorful history.



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