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Directly from his iphone – Images by Jacquemus

How can we describe Images by Jacquemus without saying Love?

Love is the main base of this amazing brand and this amazing aesthetic that Simon has created around this book.

A bunch of memories filled with visual stimulous. Amazing places, clothes and an amount of family love. For those who don’t know the brand:  Imagine the combination of summer vacay on Marseilles with the quote “You’re sexy and you should know it”.



Around this incredible book we travel around the head of Simon, and let me be a little spoiler ” what an amazing journey”, and what they say is true ” an image is worth more than a thousand words”. Did you know that all of these pictures are taken by his simple iPhone? What a sight! If after this article you’re not on the waiting list for the book let me just say Simon doesn’t care. Know what you like and influence people by the passion you show us through.






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