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Vadim Maltsev middle name? Perfection.

Vadim Maltsev Design the greatest team, multidisciplinary, full of joy, style, inspiration and design.

The variety of projects on this team is fantastic. Interior design projects for apartments, villas, yachts, restaurants, hotels, creation of custom furniture and architecture for private residences.
But above all, the passion with which VADIM MALTSEV and the team dedicate themselves to each one of them.

The art behind all of this doesn’t stop just in interior design. The group has more aces in there’s sleeves with architecture and furniture.
Is impressive, outstanding and colossal, the lines, the elegance and the unique and exclusive factor that comes with every work.

Being a graduate of Parsons School New York, Vadim drew the attention of the Italian bureau CiarmoliQuedaStudio, who subsequently offered him cooperation. Eight years of international practice allowed him to create his own bureau. Vadim introduces his unique experience: modern, and sometimes radical, following a privileged and complex vocabulary in design.

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