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Top 100 Interior Designers of the World – Part 2

We are proud to present our selection of the Top 100 Interior Designers and Architects that stood out during the year 2020!

Previously, we´ve revealed the first 25 interior designers all over the world, in partnership with Coveted Edition.

Today, it´s time to keep discovering the fascinating world of interior design and luxury furniture, by the hands of iconic personalities and influent leaders in the field.

So enjoy this master selection of Top 100 Interior Designers of 2020 and sharing inspiration, taste, and expertise with any design lover.


26| FINE ROOMS – Germany

Fine Rooms was founded in 2011 by interior designers Isabella Hamann and Markus Hilzinger. As a result, this design company is stunning and innovative and aim to establish the most perfect balance and harmony within every project they embrace.

Their work is all about the creation of settings with amazing colors, materials, finishing, art, and illumination.

Cologne | Salvador Dali Bar, GrandHotel Schloss Bensberg



Francis Sultana is one of the best interior designers in the world and became famous for his stunning furniture designs.

Your work was inspired by his travel experiences and people that met along the way. He has the ability to merge the residential requirements of a domestic space with often large scale visual art.

The grand salon of Sultana’s own home in Malta
The Marie-Francois Collection | Elouise Palm Gueridon
The Yana Collection | Bodil Chair


28| GERARD FAIVRE – France

The originality of the Gérard Faivre brand is never to be confined to a defined style, but rather to create unique and timeless places where classicism rhymes with modernity.

For Gérard, the customer is unique, so its interior must resemble its uniqueness.

The world should be linked to design, decoration, and architecture. The fusion between original creations and eco-responsible. For the designer, the current and future trends for apartments and houses will always have to be accompanied by crafts.

Paris | Luxury Apartment
Paris | Luxury Apartment in Saint Germain des Prés


29| GRAÇA VITERBO – Portugal

Graça founded Viterbo Interior Design in the seventies and her legacy continues today with her talented daughter Gracinha Viterbo.

Viterbo Interior Design is good to successfully manage to anticipate trends whilst combining them with irreverent, unusual materials embedded with experienced craftsmen.

Graça defines her own style as classic with a twist of renovation from modern trends.

Portimão | Bela Vista Hotel & SPA



Halpern Design was founded by interior designer Michael Halpern, surrounded by art and design from an early age, due to the fact that his mother was an interior designer herself.

The inspiration comes from multiple elements, from topography to fashion.

Being a design chameleon, he has the opportunity to transform every project, adapting it to each client he has. His bespoke projects, alongside customization of every element, is the preferred choice of every interior design lover.

Illinois | Litchfield Farmhouse


31| HOK CHINA – China

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering, and planning firm.

Their team of designers is rooted in technical excellence, driven by imagination and focused on a solitary goal: to deliver solutions that inspire clients and communities.

They usually have two separate clients on each project: the owner/developer and the hotel operator. The owner/developer is the one who brings the vision, goals, and values to the project. They usually have a contract directly with them.

Atlanta | Mercedes-Benz Stadium
London | Fitzrovia Apartments


32| IVY’S DESIGN – Germany

Ivy’s Design is an interior design firm that stands on 5 main principles in order for them to achieve the most incredible results within their projects: making ideas happen, quality, art, nature, and color.

When she created her own design company, she adventured herself into solving everything through her own merit.

This design studio is prestigious and talented due to its passion for industrial design, along with a combination of exquisite architecture and passionate design.

Berlin | Edita’s Apartment
Amsterdam | Cycling Monkeys, 2017



Jaime Beriestain Studio was founded by Jaime Beriestain in 2002.

He has always made sure that his design does not consist in hunting the trend from one year to the next. He always tries to keep certain materials and details of his style that he captures in each order in one way or another.

For him, in design, we must be able to make a durable and quality product, regarding craftsmanship.

Barcelona | Concell de Cent Apartments, Hotel
Menorca | Casa Menorca Residence



Attracting a mid-century modern residential architecture, Jamie Bush is an interior designer who explored the whole world in order to educate himself into the design area, with a focus on organic modernism.

He’s able to transform a space into something magnificent, focusing on his design identity, as well as respecting the client’s taste and personality.

San Francisco Townhouse
Venice Beach House



Jean Louis Deniot has been presenting the most impressive settings spread across the world.

He is one of the best interior designers in the field. Recognized worldwide for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to the purity of style. If he does contemporary, it is always with a weighty dose of history and references infusion into it to produce a timeless scenario.

Miami Beach Penthouse
Chicago Apartment



Jeff Andrews is skilled at pushing creative boundaries in ways that respect and redefine traditional design aesthetics.

This famous designer is recognized for the creation of sophisticated and livable interiors, and for his passion to “help people realize their dreams and improve their quality of life through design”.

Through his meticulous and exquisite projects, he pushes every creative boundary and crosses it, transforming every project into something out of the ordinary.

Beverly Hills


The incredible interiors of Jo Hamilton are famous for her confident grasp of color, intelligent use of space and luxury aesthetic.

The renowned interior designer has been involved in high-end developments, from exclusive residential designs and stylish country retreats to trendy hospitality and commercial projects like bars, restaurants, clubs, offices and boutique hotels.

In her creative process for every project, the renowned designer gathers the best inspirations from her client’s personal aesthetic taste and personality.

London | Luxury Interior

38| JOANA ASTOLFI – Portugal

Joana Astolfi is an artist whose artworks, installations, and window displays are inspired by imperfections, mistakes and a cheeky sense of humor.

Her studio has two major departments: interior architecture and art. For her, it’s all about the concept. She needs to tell a story, her story. It’s all about a narrative, and how to best portray it. It’s a conjugation between art, architecture and a story, ultimately creating a full painting.

Lisbon | Strada Food Court



Joe Ginsberg is known for an extensive number of custom projects, including luxurious private residences, elegant nightclubs, restaurants, and boutique hotels.

Using a unique approach by incorporating his specialization in the development of custom materials and fabrication, each project carries the heart of artisan designer which can be felt when you enter his interiors.

New York | Artisan Luxury 86th Street
Club Lounge


40| JOHANNES TORPE – Denmark

Johannes Torpe is an amazing Danish designer who designs solutions for over 20 years, through the renowned Johannes Torpe Studios, where he is the creative director.

His diverse portfolio spans from interior design, industrial design and furniture design to large scale architectural concepts.

Copenhagen | Restaurant Design for Paleo, 2014


41| JORGE CAÑETE – Switzerland

Jorge Cañete has a unique career in luxury products aligned with a sharp sense of beauty.

The projects bear a heavy inspiration from factors such as the environment, the location, and also the client’s personality, starting the whole process as a “white page”, in which the story and values of the client will be written.

Jorge Cañete has always an alternative proposal for his clients: introducing a little poetic vision of the world by mixing in modern and classical elements. Some of the main keywords for Interior Design Philosophy are areas such as art, poetry, and philosophy.

La Dolce Vita
Jorge Cañete Project



Founded by James Park, JPA Design offers talent, energy, curiosity and progressive design tools to turn complex challenges into compelling customer experiences.

During their 30 years of experience, JPA Design has come across several challenges, claiming that their biggest challenge is the fact that they are in a highly-competitive field, alongside several established design firms, as well as numerous small players.

Udaipur | Taj Lake Palace
Bali | Hilton Bali



Juan Pablo Molyneux created spirited interiors rooted in history without being historical recreations. His work is bold, eclectic, witty and unmistakably his own.

Specialized in high-end residential designs, he also creates inspiring institutional projects always inspired by the history behind the building.

Being a craftsmanship lover, he works with the best master artisans in the industry from all over the world.

Hôtel Particulier Claude Passard
Paris | Château Pouy-sur-Vannes



Katerina Goodwill has her own design studio: The Goodwill Design Studio.

She loves creativity and her passion for innovation is clearly a part of her design trait. As a professional designer, she founds professional fulfillment in the object proportion of functionality and artistic component.

In her studio, Katerina works with a highly professional team that helps her create some stunning projects. The studio has a department of decor with professional artists, with a classical academic education, that, alongside Katerina, are able to design multi-scale projects and perform a variety of tasks that can respond to all the client’s needs.

Katerina Goodwill Project



Katerina Lashmanova has a breathtaking and extremely luxurious style. The boldness, uniqueness, and eccentricity of this designer, is something to look forward to.

Her design identity mixed with her client’s taste, she thinks that there are no obstacles that she can’t overcome. She faces every stepping stone as just one of many different experiences, that she’s more than open in embracing, in order to grow with the experience.

The Russian interior designer believes that the Portuguese companies are definitely leading the way into the craftsmanship industry, due to their artistic and heritage concept.

Katerina Lashmanova Project



Kelly Hoppen has pioneered a simple yet opulent style that has permeated interior design at every level.

She is the combination of practicality and luxury, resulting in a bespoke design that emphasizes the atmosphere. Her style is clean lines and neutral tones, blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence.

From classic contemporary clean lines to avangard designs with an ever-present sense of high luxury, Kelly Hoppen’s projects represent an incredible line of quality design that fully showcases this top designer creativity and incredible sense of space and know-how, within this complex industry.

Mauritius | Lux Hotel Resort
London | Private Home



Keisu Conecta is a company created with the purpose of enhancing the role of lighting, decoration and audiovisual markets with top high-quality products.

The firm believes that ecological and sustainable products will be playing a big role in the upcoming changes that will come in the future of interior design.

Around Lounges Madrid



Khadine Schultz is an architect and interior designer that shares a large amount of innovation, work ethic, and a keen eye for detail.

With a passion for the arts, a timeless curated and comfortable design identity style, Khadine Schultz shares a passion for architecture and design, where she infuses various cultures, places and architectural styles that she has seen into her interior design initiatives.

Khadine Schultz Project
Khadine Schultz Project



Kokaistudios was raised by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis in 2000.

Your mission is to create spaces and experiences that make the life of people better. Every project they do from private to public, from interiors to architecture, focused on creating empathy between people and the environment certainly.

They don’t have a style, they always avoid to repeat or reuse formal solutions, with the common target to create something really innovative.

China | Assemble by Réel, 2018
China | Social & Decanter in St.Regis Chengdu


Kris Turnbull established the famous Kris Turnbull Studios, an interior & architectural design studio specialized in high-end residential projects.

The diversity of brands, design houses, and world influences guarantees a unique and comprehensive styling to suit from the traditional right through to the modern contemporary.

Northern Ireland | Dungannon Park
Northern Ireland | Broughshane


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