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THE LIFT, a Boutique Hotel in the hills of Bali

boutique HotelThe Lift is a Treetop boutique Hotel, an experimente, in the hills of Bali, by the architect Alexis Dornier.boutique HotelThis project was trying to defy the already existence architecture and projects.

“Create light architecture while suggesting a surreal mix of industrial impermanent structures embedded into a tropical forest.” by Alexis Dornier.boutique HotelThe Treetop boutique Hotel structures has a different display. Material and appearance, blending into the surroundings, it has a spiral staircases and metal stilts.boutique HotelEach bedroom has a bathroom with a balcony and large windows offering views of the surrounding jungle, others even have a roof terrace.“It seeks to bridge different aspects of bali into a memorable experience, and creates a backdrop for pictures to take or keep in mind.” by Alexis Dornier.

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