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Pepe Leal, Spanish Interior Designer

Pepe Leal is Spanish interior designer that has entered in the decor and interior design world when he was studying the world of fashion, he has discovered then his passion. In love with materials and finishes, Pepe Leal has a unique and casual style because he is an art lover.

Pepe Leal is the protagonist in the conception of this project. Passionate for Portugal, he is one of the most renowned Interior Designers in Spain. He considers Portugal to be “sophisticated and elegant” and believes that extraordinary things are made here, things that people from Spain are not aware of.

He carefully selected Portuguese historic and significant materials, like cork, blue tiles, and pink marble, so that he would be able to reflect perfectly the Portuguese culture and the kind of furniture that has been made in Portugal. The rich handcrafted Portuguese tradition walks hand in hand with the modern design of its industry in this Pepe Leal´s creation.

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