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Joseph Dirand a French Interior Designer

Joseph Dirand is a French interior designer that has built a career on incorporating a quintessentially French style of design into otherwise minimalist interiors. He emphasizes strong lines, classic elements, lighting, rich materials, particularly marble, and the telling detail that brings an interior to life. Amongst his main projects are shop interiors for Alexander Wang, home and Restaurants interiors in Paris, New York, and Beirut.

Joseph sees the space and perspective of a place. He already has creativity on his veins (runs in the family) he has a scenographer’s eye and frames volume with extreme precision. He is sensitive to the way light plays on relief and flat surfaces, he analyses structure, notices the tiniest of details, observes a material’s abundance of features and appreciates the rightness of a color.

He has an extraordinary eye for the creation of his projects. He designs furniture and lamps for his architectural spaces to reintroduce beauty and intention to the object and thus participate in the story of the architectural whole. Using his thought process and taste as a collector as a base, like architects from the modern movement, he has decided to create his first ever collection of limited edition furniture under the title “modernist”: “I’m prepared to answer for furniture if it manages to tell a story, my story.”

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