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DimoreStudio is beyond time

Don’t look any further here is DimoreStudio.
Do you need to renovate your home? They will do it. A hotel? They’ll do it. The store? Guess what? Yes, they will do it!

Offering a full-service DimoreStudio is a global architectural and design studio that spans residential, retail and hospitality projects, in addition to, producing furnishings, textile and lighting designs under the name of Dimoremilano. Founded in Milan in 2003 by Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci.
The 19th-century location of Via Solferino in Milan’s Brera district is the heart of the business for the 40 plus person team as well as for Dimoregallery, the evocative setting which features a rotating installation of the collection of the great masters of the 20th century and contemporary designers, championed by the Gallery.

With a bold spirit through all the designs, the masters of interior design pursuit in each project to keep their own identity plus the client goal.
Modern, classic and contemporary, in one word timeless.

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