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Charles Zana – Curious, restless, and talented

Charles Zana is the name you by now should know about. Not just an architect and interior decorator that has a unique signature and style.
Charles Zana’s work can’t only be with words. It’s a feeling. The warmness in each corner of any project. The elegance, the brutally softness, the modern style mixed you vintage vibes.  Unique interiors, filled with stories and meaning.
Zana is a support designer of craftsmanship. The exquisite and prime pieces that he signs are most of them made by this man. And they are talented.

Son of an art collector, Charles Zana was just a Tunisian boy when he and his family move to Paris. Born in the 60s he was always surrounded by art.
Later he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris to study architecture and, after graduating, he swaps the French capital for the luminous city of New York.
There he spent two years working here and there between architecture and design studio. Curious, restless, and talented, he started focusing his energy on interior design. In 1988, he moved back to Paris, where he worked with Bernard Fric at Asymétrie Studio, perfecting his skills on interior design projects and international exhibitions. In 1990, he founded his own agency, Charles Zana Architecture, deploying his expert eye and impeccable taste in many residential and commercial projects all over the world, including London, Gstaad, Tel Aviv, Montecarlo, New York, and Paris…

Signature Style
Over the last two decades, Zana has forged his unmistakable style – bold and luxurious at the same time, with a nod to classic French style – working for discerning clients in need of a unique vision. For each one of his projects, he takes a dual approach of both rigorous architect and cultured aesthete. First, the architect lays out the basis for comfort, fluid circulation, symmetry, and state of the art planning when working and transforming an ancient building.
Then the aesthete takes over, no more white walls and emptiness. Prepare to see the bold colors, elegant lines, and statement furniture.

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