" /> Luxury Kitchen With Even More Luxurious Door Handles

Luxury Kitchen With Even More Luxurious Door Handles

WUX Luxury Furniture, the worldwide recognized company founded in 1987, provides unique high-quality designs, highly detailed and also luxury furniture. The company has a vast experience in national and international projects, providing their services to hotels, villas, and offices. When searching for unique hardware details for a new project, WUX Luxury Furniture and PullCast Jewelry Hardware paths were united, creating together a luxury and unique kitchen design.



These two top brands created a high-end experience thoroughly tailored to the exact requirements of their clients. The end result is stunning and showcases the values of both companies and their love for craftsmanship, design, and luxury!



For the design itself, the incredible WUX’s team presented a mix of shapes and materials. Putting together materials like marble, living coral upholstery and brass details present in the hardware pieces. The materials combined by the team create a perfect harmony between all elements of the kitchen and the end result is exquisite!



Featured in this project, the Nouveau drawer handle and the Flow door pull from PullCast’s Earth Collection, conquer sensorial experiences rich in heritage and meaning. Nouveau drawer handles present in the kitchen’s furniture, immersed in modernity and fluidity, were inspired in the Art Nouveau époque. An époque full of distinction and luxury, portrayed in this organic shape element full of refinement. Nouveau is a handcrafted cast polished brass drawer handle.



For the kitchen’s cabinets, WUX Luxury Furniture chose the Flow Door Pull, elegant and stunning door hardware. Possessing a natural and invigorating way of movement, Flow mid-size door pull presents an organic shape decoding sophistication and personality. Enhancing this kitchen ambience with its strong character and unique shape.



PullCast empowers the disclosure of the inner strength and singularity of the furniture, doors, and cabinet designs, as well as home decor. The brand aims, through their hardware pieces, to unify and amplify a unique design concept with a signature style. They managed to do just that in this amazing project!


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