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A Bollywood Dream House

Bollywood, one of India’s biggest treasures. Full of life, music, dance, and movement. The Bollywood movies are for sure know for their drama and romance. But has anyone already spotted the unbelievable interiors? Cause “Oh My Ganesha”

To Get the Look you need to get inspired first so let’s see. First on the list:

Floors. In 99% of the living or dining rooms, the floor is made of neutral sand tons, normally marble or as some tile work in black and white.
Curtains are a big thing for the Indian scenarios, make them big. Ornaments. Every Indian luxurious house has art and sculptures.

The colors are easy, woody tons, gold, light marble. In the ceiling, everything should be full of lights, especially if we are talking. Patterns are a big thing too! Keep that in mind. Oh and shine, crystals, and shiny textures.

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