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The Best 20 Ideas of Bedrooms and Closets 

Remember this: No cosy bedroom is finished without a headboard or amount of good soft pillows and no closet is ever full. If so get more drawers!
There is a lot to choose from, colours, textures, functionality and style.
Just keep in mind, is your bubble, you space to rest and be in peace. So make it joyfully, calm but always always, stylish!

Here are some of our best ideas and references to inspire you.

Rosalie Velvet Platform Bed – Sometimes saving is not a necessity but an extra, this ultra-glam velvet platform bed frame is from Urban Outfitters is a perfect demonstration that style is way more than an expensive check.

Studio Ashby – Sofia Ashby shares her tip again for picking the best modern headboard for your bedroom. Cool, artistic, and colourful this bedroom is everything that we love.

Acrilic Dossel Bed – A classic approach is always a good ideia. But can you make it unique?

Choose the perfect rug – An ethnic rug can be a key piece when the goal is to stand out. Usually these rugs are adopted for living rooms or halls. The idea is here.

Modern and Clean – Detach yourself from the will to getting everything in order to look fancy. No. Less is More. Instead invest in comfort and textures.

Simple and Timeless – One thing we have certain. Wood is powerful and timeless. There is no mistake in that.

Symmetry and  Patterns – Light and easy to do it.

Color Scale Tons and Vibes – Do research before you get wild here. Is not easy peasy but totally worth it.

Beach House Felling –  White, woody tons, and stripes. Bet on red and blue has complementary colors.


A space for unmeasurable vanity. The first rule is organization. In order to maintain the tranquility and clearness of this space, we must get things in order.
Organize by season, category, style, or colors. Or all of them.
Here is some visual stimulus that might help you get some inspiration.

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