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Mid-century Modern Decor Inspiration

If you love the Mid-century Modern inspiration you are in luck, because this inspirations ins’t going away and there is a lot to choose from.

But if you are afraid to over do it, we have just the help, how to create the right amount of mid-century modern vibe.

First let’s understand the inspiration. Growing from the 20th century, just after the world war II, it came after the new technologies and materials.

Known for the use of glass, flat areas and a connection to nature, mostly influenced by the migration to urban areas and smaller living spaces.

The main focus of this style became the function, it had to be design for everyone with simple forms and organic influences.

And so the way you should incorporate the mid century style into your spaces are much like how he is designed, with function and organic.

Try incorporate one piece at a time. If you need new chairs, or even a rug, try balance each piece, and slowly making the shift in your space.

The most iconic pieces to create this style are good lamps, a console and a armchair. But don’t be afraid to mix them with other styles, let yourself tell the story of your space.

In terms of colour pallet this style is very versatile, it can go from bright hues to earthy neutral ones.

Use different furniture height, if everything is very low try to break the space with a different lamp to balance it out.

Another way is to accessorize, use candles, plants and pillows, but try to mostly have a clutter free space.

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