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How to combined different textures in 2018

Mix and match textures is the key to a successful interior design. For example while color, pattern and proportion are also important, a room devoid of textural contrasts is simply boring.

Texture, while it has always been an important element of design, has really taken the forefront in trendy home interiors over the past several years.  The varied textures creates interest and depth on a new level, and it really isn’t difficult to achieve.

The key to successfully mixing textures is to look for items from different categories including  rough and rustic, smooth and satiny, and metallic.

For example, if your room contains a rustic stone fireplace, such as the one in the photo below, consider contrasting the fireplace with a smooth leather sofa and woven window treatments.  The textural mix could even be taken a step further by the introduction of a mirrored side table or shiny glass vase on the mantle.

Like blankets called “Chunky” knitted items have been popular this fall and winter season. Large cable knits have appeared in decorative throws, as well, adding a cozy look to any sofa or chair.  Throw them on a smooth suede or velvet sofa, or a rougher linen fabric for a gorgeous textural contrast.

For the bathroom space the glossy tile countertop, chrome light fixtures and faucets and the more rustic woven wood shades mix together beautifully to create a gorgeous space.



















When you talk about mixing textures when you have more contrast is better . Look for decorative objects that will introduce a new texture into your room.  If you have a smooth leather chair, toss on an embroidered silk pillow for an elegant contrast.  Or, add a glittery mirror to a rustic space to bring in a bit of sparkle to the room.  Place a rattan basket on the stone fireplace hearth and contrast it with a blown-glass vase nearby.  By looking at the items you already have in place – and adding in a contrasting texture – you will be well on your way to a room full of depth.

















The space will look like it was  as if it had been taken from the pinterest!

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