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Top 100 Interior Designers of the World – Part 4

We are proud to present the last part about our selection of the Top 100 Interior Designers and Architects during the year 2020!

After revealing the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, we presented today the last part of interior designers all over the world, in partnership with Coveted Edition.

It´s time to discover the last names about this fascinating world of interior design and luxury furniture. Made by the hands of iconic personalities and influential leaders in the field.

So enjoy this master selection of Top 100 Interior Designers of 2020 and sharing inspiration, with any design lover.

top 100 interior designers


Richard Mishaan is characterized by his timeless and artistic interiors, within residential, hospitality and commercial projects.

The entire design process requires you to draw inspiration from somewhere, he usually finds it in history and cultures.

top 100 interior designersBeekman Residence

As an actual and hottest trend, Richard Mishaan thinks that sustainability is the way to go, along with the establishment of a Zen environment. As far as craftsmanship goes, the designer thinks that many artisanal crafts are emerging now.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersKips Bay | 2017


Robert Couturier is a prestigious interior designer that impresses through the constant innovation of the interior design world.

Being completely aware that everyone is different, with different approaches, Robert Couturier knows that every interior project must be completely adequate to the architecture, to the clients and to the setting within.

top 100 interior designersHampshire | Country Home

Robert Couturier commits to creating amazing ambiances, that can function comfortably, as well as luxurious, amazing and sophisticated.

He focuses on creating spaces that share the most incredible trends. According to the designer “the trend is generally to large spaces light and airy; there is infinitely less focus on entertaining. Creative things are getting simpler more monochromatic and more textured, forms softer and rounder”.

top 100 interior designersSoho Loft


Founded by Lauren Rottet, this studio is an international architecture and design firm with corporate and hospitality projects.

Rottet Studio is known in the marketplace as innovators, reflecting a desire to improve the human experience through the built environment.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersAtlanta | Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel

79| SARA FOLCH – Spain

Sarah Folch enjoys creating for other people, enjoy a feeling of fulfillment every time she helps someone’s dream to be brought to life and becoming a reality.

Her style is best defined as being polished, elegant and timeless. Whenever she and her team take on a new challenge one of the cares she takes is adapting to the style of the projects.

From her point of view, each decor style is timeless and dignified, yet she finds every style of interior decor wonderful.

top 100 interior designersSPA Hotel Aguas de Ibiza


Sasha Bikoff’s aesthetic is 18th Century French Rococo mixed with 1960s Space Age Modern, 1970s French Modernism, and 1980s Italian Memphis Milano.

She has a special talent, fabulous design projects filled with color and a tad bit of play on the maximalist style.

Bikoff is known for her balanced understanding of design, flawless execution, and technical knowhow sculpted from her vast worldly exploits and experiences.

top 100 interior designersFor Versace
top 100 interior designersHoliday House Soho


Sebastian describes for him, traveling is one of the most important things one can do because it allows you to understand cultures. Discovering all senses of culture is really amazing and that’s also a really huge influence on his work.

The designer enjoys the diversity and looks at it as a challenge, always focusing on high-quality products and good materials.

top 100 interior designersMbarq Sofa For Dedon | 2019

Herkner also has a really sustainable approach to design and that’s why he focuses on creating long-lasting products.

The designer’s style is always evolving, but one thing remains the same is quality while mixing traditional crafts with new technology.

top 100 interior designersPipe Dining Collection For Moroso | 2018


Shalini Misra is a luxury interior design studio based in London, specializing in bespoke interior architecture worldwide.

Using her imagination, playing with spaces, volumes, and energy and delivering her clients the home they have always dreamed of is what she loves the most about her work.

top 100 interior designersLondon | Gilston Road

Shalini’s style is maximalism, carefully curated with an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary layering. Keeping ergonomics, function, and wellbeing at the heart of the design.

top 100 interior designersNew York | Lexington Avenue


Shernavaz Interiors is a Bangalore based team of professional interior designers leading by Shernavaz Bharucha.

Her style is defined as classic meets contemporary. For her, the inventive and experimental process of realizing an individual space is the most gratifying part of her work.

Switching between contemporary, contemporary-classic, and modern styles, she’s being spontaneous and organic during the creative process keeps things exciting. She values along with helping them conceive their ideas into tangibility, with comfort and sophistication imbued into the final piece.

top 100 interior designersShernavaz Interiors Project


Smart Design Studio produce the most exquisite design projects with the most rigorous outcome possible.

Each new project presents a new set of opportunities. They works from the macro to the micro, from the entirety of the overall structure, right down to the hinges on doors, millimeter-precise joinery or the colours on bedroom walls.

top 100 interior designersAlexander at Barangaroo


Spaces By Jacflash was founded in 2013 by Jaclyn Genovese, an interior designer, absolutely passionate about fitness and nutrition.

top 100 interior designersFor Real Dough

With the amazing virtue of balancing different types of clients, as well as design styles, Jaclyn Genovese carries a style that’s constantly evolving and in touch with the latest trends: “I would describe my personal style is constantly evolving, but I gravitate towards clean, modern spaces with organic touches, combined textures, and lustrous touches.

From modern and industrial, to shabby-chic, to eclectic, our designs reflect the personality, taste, lifestyle, and culture of our clients.

top 100 interior designersScandinavian, Shiplap TV Room


Stefano Giovannoni stands out for his eccentric designs. He lives and works in Milan as an industrial, interior designer and architect.

As an industrial designer, interior designer, and architect, he got the opportunity to teach everything he knew at Domus Academy in Milan.

When it came to discussing the trends within interior design, the interior designer believes that today, the market is overwhelmed with a variety of products.

top 100 interior designersRabbit Chair
top 100 interior designersGiovannoni Home

87| STUDIO CATOIR – France

Elisa and Michael are the core of the Studio Catoir brand. Having displayed a great number of projects, they focus on modern and colored settings.

They specialize in residential and hotel projects, where they offer full design services, from objects to interiors.

Since 2006, Studio Catoir beautifully completes every project with a focus on private homes, the hospitality sector, and luxury products, embellishing them with an amazing contemporary design with a touch of inspiration from the past.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersItalian Penthouse, Suite Grace
top 100 interior designersKuchen Atelier


Studio Montanãna is an interior design studio that is focused on integrating functionality, communication, and luminosity into every design project.

With a clean and minimalistic style, Studio Montanãna is famous for developing a design project that adapts and coexists in time.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersOstras Pedrin

All of their incredible design projects are inspired by iconic and classic style icons from the Bauhaus to our times.

In housing works, the inspiration is the functionality, while in the restoration it seeks to create a nice atmosphere.

top 100 interior designersLa Monella

89| STUDIO PUTMAN – France

Through the choice of luxurious pieces of furniture and high-quality materials and fabrics, Studio Putman looks to do an eccentric and sophisticated style décor.

Keeping up with the latest trends at all times, the style easily defines itself through modern and contemporary, with a lot of bold choices.

top 100 interior designersNew York | Morgans Hotel

Studio Putman is an interior design agency created by Andrée Putman.

Combining pleasure and innovation, the Studio Putman is able to articulate creative ideas with concrete reality. An atypical and free creative spirit that looked always for connections between arts, fashion, and design.

top 100 interior designersBruxelles | Private Residence

90| SUPERKUL – Canada

Superkül it’s an amazing architectural studio that features head designers such as Meg Graham and Andre D’Elia, founded in 2002.

Their success is due to the love they have for “the deep creative process that pulls everyone in to achieve our clients’ dreams”.

top 100 interior designersWoodhouse

Each project counts on the immaculate attention to detail and searches for the highest quality of materials and fabrics.

Craftsmanship is a very important element within the world of design and architecture. The studio is interested in components that are recycled, reused, highly energy-efficient, along with low-impact natural materials.

top 100 interior designersSteelcase WorkLife Toronto

91| SUSANNA COTS – Spain

Susanna Cots has a comfort-focused philosophy, never-ending quest for the perfect balance is the pivotal subject in any of her projects.

She states that the studio’s continuous work towards the goal of achieving a timeless style is what defines their signature.

top 100 interior designersThe Eleven House

Susanna plays with the light and fine materials and the layout of the projects in order to get the right emotions out of the place.

Susanna sees natural and sustainable materials as a necessity rather than a trend. For the designer, sustainability is way over fashion, materials, and trends.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersApartment T


Sybille De Margerie is an interior designer who uses a lot of natural and cultural predilections and tailored projects.

She is moved by excellence and an invaluable savoir-faire in order to modernize the traditional, and design a project that is harmonious and comfortable.

She is creative with simplicity. Makes technology attractive and colors elegant.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersSaint Barthelemy | Le Barthelemy Hotel & SPA


Her creativity is known and acclaimed by many clients throughout the years, often referring to her “intelligent space-planning” and elegance felt regardless of the decor style.

Bernerd draws heavy inspiration from contemporary architecture and tends to favour industrial elements within her projects. Another element often mentioned in association with her interior design projects is a “masculine elegance”.

top 100 interior designersM Y Orient Star Yacht
top 100 interior designersNew York | Private Apartment

94| THE INNER HOUSE – Germany

Markus Altvater after working as a project manager in several industries decided to launch The Inner House.

He is a supplier providing design or consultation services. For residential spaces, Mark considers it essential to growing a stronger connection to the clients in order to design for them exactly what makes them happy.

From Markus’ creative point of view, the new design possibilities for lighting by the use of high-quality LEDs have been the biggest trend lately.

top 100 interior designersApartment Berlin IV
top 100 interior designersPenthouse Sapphire

95| TOMAS PEARCE – Canada

Tomas Pearce, this interior design company is ambitiously led by main partners Melandro Quilatan and Tania Richardson.

They describe the favorite part about working in the industry is that invention involves problem-solving, so we have to vet each and every design possibility.

top 100 interior designersOcean Club Condominiums

They believe that most trends are seasonal and have a short shelf life. For Tomas Pearce and our clients, longevity is extremely important.

Tomas Pearce is a firm that believes in the ease of life, escapism, and adventure. These is some words that will continue to be on the pulse of design inspirations in the future.

top 100 interior designersCharles Street Private Residence


Tom Dixon is a British designer who is known across the world. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, Dixon is inspired by the nation’s unique heritage and produces extraordinary objects for everyday use.

The newfound welding skills were soon put to work as Dixon explored the decorative and structural potential of recycled materials and industrial scrap.

Each piece evolved in a built form with no need for design sketches.

top 100 interior designersLondon | Mondrian Hotel
top 100 interior designersNorway | Kvitfjell Ski Lodge

97| VADIM MALTSEV – Russia

Vadim Maltsev spends most of his free time looking for new experiences and inspiration that he need to take a fresh look at his designs.

He works with noble materials and his passionate about creating projects and objects from them.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersMoscow | The Theatre Huse

Eco-friendly technologies will come to new levels and they would be affordable for everyone. He hopes that pretty soon every house will have a eco-friendly technology that also follows the minimalist trend!

The Russian designer defends that high ceilings and natural light will continue to grow as a top trend. As well as personalization and a more valuable individual approach.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersNew York | Apartment

98| XFORM – Singapore

XFORM Design Studio is a company that has a very complete range of services regarding interiors. Among them project management, space planning, furniture design, and fabrication and even cooperation in exhibition and gala events.

They have a contemporary and modernist take on their interiors with a special touch of color.

top 100 interior designersXform Project

They adapt from different styles including modern, minimalist, Scandinavian and others, while matching the client’s backgrounds, needs, habits, and contextual references, often creating final results that are not strictly traditional or classical but creative and refreshing.

top 100 interior designersXform Project


Yabu Pushelberg is an international design firm, founded in 1980 by Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu.

Dedicated to delivering the unexpected, they constantly shift visual paradigms with each completed project, the end result eliciting an emotional resonance in the user.

top 100 interior designersChina | Arbor Restaurant

The work is designed collectively; it is imaginative, thoughtful, and honest, while continuously moving between the rational and the intuitive. It is this interchangeability of their individual roles, that in unison, is distinctive.

As they spend much of our time traveling they find inspiration everywhere. Yabu Pushelberg says “We are inspired by other people, beautiful things; inspiration can be found in the simplest to most complex forms.

top 100 interior designersBrickell House

100| ZZ ARCHITECTS – India

ZZ Architects is a multidisciplinary firm led by Principal Architects Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin.

Creative and technical staff is grouped in teams that follow projects all the way through, from concept to completion.

top 100 interior designersMumbai | Jain Apartment

Research is critical to be competitive in an ever-evolving international design market.

When asked about the future of design, they believe that the design world is crossing borders with the art and fashion world.

top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designers
top 100 interior designersBangalore | Surana Bungalow
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