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Ryan Korban Luxury Contemporary Design Projects in New York

Luxury Contemporary, a style that’s in vogue for years and that represents the excellence of modern luxury! One of the top Interior Designers of Today that knows how to use and work this particular and opulent style is the popular Ryan Korban!

Ryan Korban is one of the most Popular and In-Demand Interior Designers in New York and in the entire United States of America! Even though he was born in Philadelphia it was in New York, the capital city of design of the United States, that Korban’s professional path exploded and where he presented some of his most stunning design projects!

Ryan Korban
Credits Ryan Korban

In the past few years, Korban jumped to the spotlight of the Design Industry and, since his luxury debut, his work and style have been making headlines on the Top Design Magazines of the Planet! Without any formal training, Korban developed his unique aesthetic, characterized by a mix of luxury, old-world romance, and urban cool! Drawing on inspirations ranging from Monet paintings to Helmut Newton photographs, he creates seductive, wondrous spaces that surpass trend to redefine traditional design for a new generation.

Credits Ryan Korban

Specializing in retail design with an emphasis on luxury, Korban has completed some of the finest spaces in New York’s retail, luxury and fashion landscapes. Known as the Fashion Interior Designer, Korban has delivered some amazing design projects to some of the biggest names of the Fashion and Art Industry. In the past few years, Korban became a Household Name in New York Design and every major Top Client is banging on his studio door so they can have a strong and contemporary space design by this young and astonishing designer. With a style that’s clearly inspired in the legacy and extravagant trends set by Peter Marino, another New York’s top Interior Designer, Korban managed to create his own signature and style within the Contemporary and Luxury design fields. His amazing and unique projects speak for themselves.

Credits Ryan Korban/ Balenciaga

Just take a look at the latest project that Korban designed for one of his top clients, the popular and luxury fashion brand Balenciaga. Korban designed it’s the stunning flagship store in New York following a Black, Modern and Eclectic Look with tones and trends that fit the Style of the Future. His use of Marble in the project is amazing and the overall Design Spirit of this project perfectly matches the brand’s statements!

Credits Ryan Korban/Aquazzura New York

He was also responsible for designing the Edon Manor boutique shop in New York. The eclectic style present in this boutique is simply stunning and transmits the luxury style that this shop’s high-end products want to transmit to its target audience! Another stunning project that exemplifies Korban’s unique sense of style and love for fashion!

Luxury Contemporary Design Projects of Ryan Korban in New York

Credits Ryan Korban/ Edon Manor

Luxury Contemporary Design Projects of Ryan Korban in New York

Credits Ryan Korban/Altuzarra

Korban also works in improving the luxury brand’s showrooms. One of his latest projects in this field was the Altuzarra’s Showroom, also in New York City. Following the simple but elegant style of the brand, Korban produced ample and powerful spaces that allow Altuzarra’s to showcase their elegant products in a friendly and high-end environment that matches their clients top design needs!

Luxury Contemporary Design Projects of Ryan Korban in New York

Credits Ryan Korban/ Altuzarra

Luxury Contemporary Design Projects of Ryan Korban in New York

Credits Ryan Korban

This top designer also produces stunning Residential Projects. We’ve decided to show you the stunning Home Project that Korban recently presented in the posh neighbourhood of Tribeca. As you can see, Marble, Black and a Contemporary Eclectic Style are the main highlights of this stunning apartment Decor, and truth be told this Decor perfectly fits Korban’s passion for modernity, elegance and luxury. We highlight, once again, the use of Marble and the mixture of this Texture/ Stone with Black! Korban is a Master in Marble and Black designs and this Private Home exemplifies just that, as well as the attention that Korban is paying to New Design Trends!

Credits Architectural Digest/ Ryan Korban
Credits Ryan Korban


Credits Ryan Korban

Following the same Luxury Contemporary style of Ryan Korban we have several Top Luxury Furniture Brands like, for instance, the eclectic Boca do Lobo. This stunning luxury brand devotes her style to Craftsmanship and Luxury and the end result is a combination of Artsy and Stunning Products with powerful Luxury Elements and made by Artisans using Ancient Crafts.

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